19. Absolute prohibition and the strict observance matter "not to destroy the turbo engine which carried" JVCS

The absolute verboten in the turbo engine car which attached JVCS.

Because I do not break the engine to the run lover who attached JVCS, there is verboten wanting you certainly to adhere rigidly.
(1) By tunes such as a change of the boost pressure by the mechanical Supercharging pressure or the renewal of the ROM with the computer, boost pressure and a change of the fuel increase in quantity are absolutely prohibition.
(2) Because this change work in (1) is the most dangerous, and become the engine ruination, please understand it!
(3) Is usual, and, with the reason to prohibit as danger, new inhalation air and exhaust remaining gas will mix it by the next inhalation trip as the state that exhaust remaining gas (anoxic air) was left for inside of the combustion chamber in an exhaust top dead center position.
(4) As a result, is usual, and, as for the quantity of inhalational air of the fresh air in the inhalational trip, a capacity share of the exhaust remaining gas of the combustion chamber and the filling of further fresh air doing it are impossible, and the state of the inhalation underinflation is mechanism and the structure of all internal combustion engines (anoxia) for exhaust gas to remain behind in in the top dead center of the piston.
(5)Iin the case of the engine which JVCS is not attached to, raise boost pressure, and enable it, and is performed increase in quantity of the fuel with it by the renewal of the ROM by computer.
The absolute verboten in the wearing turbo engine of JVCS.
(6) however, absorb exhaust remaining gas of all forcibly, and, with the engine which attached JVCS, is removed all of the exhaust remaining gas which there is in the combustion chamber by a super-high-speed vacuum minus number pressure absorption style, and enable filling of fresh air in all of the combustion chamber, and the air in the combustion chamber is replaced all.
(7) The phenomenon is called the complete scavenging and new air filling combustion that limited to wearing of JVCS.
(8), by (7), increase in quantity of the fresh air (for the exclusion capacity of the combustion chamber remaining gas) more than 7-8% of the capacity is always filled with the wearing engine of JVCS in the normal atmospheric pressure.
(9) Increase in it, and a phenomenon conventional, not to experience for the run by the enormous combustion air quantity that added to air filling quantity normal, to depend of the JVCS more out of the common sense occurs when add the air boost pressure with the turbo engine more.
(10) A turn catches up with it from the back that as you see rise speed of the boost pressure and the boost pressure precede it by engine revolution, and never supercharges the test car of our EP71 turbo as prohibition even if it is usual to raise boost pressure by wearing of JVCS, and adjust fuel.
(11) As you see rise speed of the boost pressure and the boost pressure precede engine revolution more, and supercharge the boost pressure meter of the test car of our EP71 turbo, and a turn catches up with it from the back, and is established by the supercharge phenomenon that conventional, there is not.
(12) We call this state precede engine revolution by impossible engine load in the conventional engine mechanical engineering, and to perform high boost pressure with an engine revolution precedence supercharge phenomenon.
(13) as for the EP71 turbo engine which carried this JVCS, as for the rate of climb of the boost pressure, a large quantity of combustion air is filled in the OD by a high gear ratio of the load of the engine in particular by engine load highly by the abnormal rise in supercharge speed at the time of the precedence supercharge and greatest boost pressure, and torque and the output out of the common sense occur by fuel injection quantity with the air quantity.
(14) This test car in us is not established without never catching up with it at rise speed of the boost pressure by the fuel setting by the conventional ROM tune at abnormal rise in boost pressure speed by an engine model for load.
(15) The upswing in the abnormal boost pressure speed senses engine load, and fuel increase in quantity appropriate at all in any fuel adjustment for a change of the changed boost pressure that cannot sense bodily and the greatest boost pressure out of the common sense is always impossible without catching up with it.
(16) Therefore understanding approval for test Car of EP71 please from what develop super injection (patent technology) originally, and use.
(17) The fuel injection quantity of this super injector which do it for safe strict observance, and shows in particular is established by the method that fuel increase in quantity of 1,0k = 15% 1,5k=25% 1,8k=50% sprays it at a stretch, and the arrival position of the boost pressure meter jets.
(18) The quantity of the combustion air filling to adapt to quantity of such mass stretch jets limits it to JVCS, and is established; completely with scavenging completely corresponding to air exchange and the turbo supercharge by the fresh air filling is absolute; is essential; is subject.
(19) Attach JVCS to a turbo engine car from the above-mentioned thing, and raise boost pressure, and, as for the fuel adjustment by the ROM tuning, it is with the greatest danger factor to break an engine by all means.
(20) Even if the air which is fresh by filling of 100% of fresh air in the capacity minute that completely removed exhaust remaining gas is an NA engine from what is increased in quantity in JVCS, combustion air is reason naturally the amplification of the torque does supercharge from what is filled in the combustion chamber, and to grow big.
From what I explained as above, I produce the destruction of the engine by tuning in defiance of each attention and prohibition article, and, in a case, the justification please understand enough this prohibition act and contents to in we JVCS because it is not admitted at all.
I limit it to attaching ,JVCS as you saw the acceleration with the CG car graphic which is a world specialized magazine and middle acceleration test and show the running performance and, besides, make the temperature of the turbo main body low temperature, and the deadly poison exhaust gas of CO,HC extreme, besides, is a nil state.
I limit it to only wearing of JVCS, and, besides, acceleration and a comfortable run can provide pollution reduction of CO,HC, the deletion of the exhaust black smoke particle, outbreak of the big power of traction that the amplification of the torque by the engine load depends on, a lot of other profit to you in the relief.
As for all wearing, the perfect wearing by the welding type is required in future I adhere rigidly to a prohibition item about the wearing of the JVCS system, and to do objections if there is no it.

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