The Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth vice-chief director and a study director.

The lecture about the global environment
in the car society.

Professor at Tokyo University department
of engineering.
Dr,Youichi Kaya.

Earth natural environments energy scientific
research development.

JVCS, JVER fluid energy science device
invention developer.

Dr,Yoshiaki Kakuta.

Lecture scenery about exhaust gas pollution and the global environment pollution of the internal combustion engine that Mr. Yoichi Kaya gets together.


This time I introduce the wonderful result and actual situation with this small JVCS device to world all of you by this homepage by this homepage.
Please I do it with happiness if I can see the fact of the great result of the fluid energy that device by this fluid energy science and this JVCS to do bring about and the actual situation till the last.
There is not at all this JVCS device with the muffler and I want you to recognize that it is the most advanced fluid energy engineering apparatus without with a submuffler for decoration to be located at the tip of the exhaust pipe and think.
We aimed at much development by many years from the 1970s, and, as a result, complicated mechanism structure reached that I enabled further technological advance and small size lightweighting with large size as the main force of the research theme for research and development of the fluid energy science in that.
There were many opinions from imagination to depend from the J appearance by some JVCS by non-wearing and non-experience in own knowledge range about downsizing more because this JVCS was a small device from an appearance.
It was thought that it had the cause that it did not announce correct information of JVCS and the fact and result, actual situation of all, but was much invention development and experiments and important time, as a result, and to be concerned with a patent in that time.
In watches of the night including the examination about JVCS, laboratory finding and public examination information in the foreign country it was a rule the proof of the test result greatly kept all at all in a research institute, and to put until reached it.
The publication refrained from the many facts of the JVCS device and actual situation of all in the result even at the time of coverage and went down.
Therefore I had I believed JVCS while I could not tell enough you about the fact by JVCS and information such as the results for by not being able to tell you about the truth and the actual situation and purchased it, and many all of you who observed JVCS for the first time understand JVCS in the run after authorized wearing for the first time.
I ask for the fact by the fluid energy science of JVCS and result and the actual situation in this way please to forgive that all of you were not able to do reporting enough.
From such a thing, all of world companies was able to have the various places of the individual company understand the fact of JVCS precisely in the fact in JVCS and total picture of the actual situation for the first time for Japan and world countries in the future.
Please I am happy above all if I can see all the great effect with this small JVCS device and fact and actual situation of the contribution degree to do to world all of you.
Thank you.

(1) The step of the JVCS device to the present!

We expected natural environments pollution in the air pollution with the exhaust gas by world car society in the near future in the 1970s and started the study of the combustion method with the internal combustion engine.
It was completely required certain tuning as indispensability, besides, in environment of the engine operation by JVCS device how you realized complete scavenging of the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber.
Naturally fresh air would be filled to the exclusion capacity by the realization to completely remove exhaust remaining gas by the complete scavenging to assume the unfamiliarity-like barrier forcibly and was difficulty to completely go along with any environment of the engine and a technique to do.
However, a gap for compression of combustion gases was non-never what I enabled for mechanical engineering from operation valves of a thing and exhaust and the intake naturally to exist and the shape in various combustion chambers in the car model in a piston head and the top of the combustion chamber where it was said that I was essential in the combustion chamber.
In the thing that I was subject to that was absolute in 100% that the complete scavenging and fresh air exchange rate by the complete fresh air filling rate were perfect of thrust chambers, I was big as impossibility for the mechanical engineering in the research and development direction, and, as a change, J study of the fluid energy engineering of (JVCS) was performed in earnest now.
The vacuum minus number pressure absorption air mass flow by the ultraspeed that tuned to engine environment was lowest with the minimum flow quantity of the exhaust gas volume from an engine, and, with a union card with this JVCS device, the amplification that was more than approximately 4 times of no Maruno as for the exhaust speed as higher than double again was absolute indispensability and a condition to do.
As a result of having finished the condition, the gas pressure in the exhaust pipe succeeded in letting the environment of strong negative (vacuum state) establish in time when it was usual.
As for the complete scavenging rate, the achievement of 100% of perfection needed time of 10 years in further research and development as a union card what and arrived at success and the completion in the 1980s.
The success was to arrive at that an ultraspeed vacuum minus number pressure style to completely tune the complete scavenging by 100% of thrust chambers and filling of the complete fresh air by 100% to engine revolution environment let the completion of the fluid technology establish in a successful thing in the fluid technology which completely acted, besides, directly in the combustion chamber surely.

(2) Have Japan visit Japan, and we thank for the purchase of JVCS.

In addition, I have I have many foreign all of you visit Japan for the purchase of JVCS and purchase JVCS and have the question from the foreign countries concerned with JVCS again or many emails and thank that, besides, I charged the technique explanation by the offer such as a company of New York, a document or the video depending directly with the U.S.A. car maker for business negotiations very much.
The production and sale are planned in conjunction with latest (unscreened) of a new model developed newly in each country and adactylous tropism JVCS device doing it so far in the world when I thank that I had many inquiries from each countries of the world and the purchase very much and reach it in the future.
This time we thank all of companies in the world and personal business managers, that we have, besides, the various places of many individuals and fluidics researchers understand JVCS by seeing this homepage very much.
Thank you.

A display exhibition of the Letters Patent in each world country about JVCS,JVTS,JVER.

Mechanism and an illustration of the fluid energy action of real thing cut model JVER of the fluid energy device of JVER.

With the conventional common sense idea that the exhaust gas low temperature degree embodiment elephant that the JVER device makes the exhaust gas low temperature in proportion to engine load factor immediately, and is exhausted is started,all is the phenomenon of the paradox.

Super-high-speed exhaust stream flows backward on the way and the exhaust gas temperature of all internal combustion engines becomes low temperature by accelerating more and is exhausted and I am big and am contributed to warming.

The public meeting place of announcement of ,JVCS,JVTS,JVER in Prince hotel new Takanawa and the experiment.

Many people interested in the issue of warming and natural environments pollution of the earth with the exhaust gas in the internal combustion engine gathered in a meeting place.

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