2.Is an acceleration run result of the wonder by NISSAN Z300ZX of the JVCS wearing in the Yatabe test course by CG car graphic.

CG car graphic June, 1990 publication

In the test course of Yatabe, a test was started our ESPERANZA NISSAN fair lady Z300ZX and two of the BMW ALPINA B10 B1 turbo between at the same time on that day.
As for the B10 B1- turbo, as for the speed and the highest speed or sense of stability of the acceleration, even the world is informed of the name as top in world excellent car and ALPINA to do.
We were tense very much how ESPERANZA NISSAN FAIR LADY Z300ZX which I limited to only our JVCS wearing in such a test could catch up with running performance by ALPINA.
But it is the reason to turn out as the performance effect of JVCS alone as the state that what tuneup limited to the JVCS wearing that is not performed except that I attached JVCS to an exhaust pipe of the getting out of right and left of the vehicle rear two.
The scene which conventional, was impossible which advanced fluidics of JVCS produced without being over was glad of what was demonstrated above all and thought to be able to hold it as a result of this test.
I tell Sasame Jiro of the coverage person in charge of the CG, Masayuki Arakawa of the camera about great thank.

○The air exchange phenomenon by the perfect ultraspeed vacuum minus number pressure style of state and complete fresh air 100% who completely do the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber in the exhaust trip 100% of scavenging (exclusion) of engines!

○ The natural phenomenon is perfect combustion technology of the most advanced internal combustion engine by the world's first natural energy science by the fluid energy science.

○Will it be to have what kind of situation as expected if I attach JVCS,JVTS to the high-performance car model that there is above the acceleration and the passing acceleration numerical value of Z300ZX by this JVCS,JVTS wearing?

○And I make making it it and no pollution the low temperature of the engine, and the different dimension-like result is imagined to us super high efficiency of the wonder by 100% of complete scavenging and the further violent change by the air exchange phenomenon of 100% of complete fresh air easily!

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