The suggestion of the union diesel
catalyst with DPF and JVCS!

The extreme catalytic effect by the union catalyst of 100% of complete scavenging & fresh air filling by diesel catalyst DPF and JVCS and the profit!

The main profit of the union catalyst

○ There is no accumulation or disposal of black smoke particles during the driving!
○ Torque by the engine load factor and a natural amplification phenomenon of the output!
○ Strong hill climbing ability and acceleration and passing acceleration!
○ Iextend engine oil exchange time in 200%!
○ The low temperature of an engine and the peripheral device!
○ A violent change and the improvement of the diesel bad smell!
○ Of mileage improvement and the engine is silent!
○ Lightweighting and the cost cut of the catalyst!
○ The durability of the catalyst is semipermanent!

It is the suggestion of the ultimate diesel catalyst for the purpose of I am limitless, and assuming a pollution ingredient of the exhaust gas of the diesel no pollution by the advanced DPF device and union of the technical device featuring it in the both sides with the JVCS device to assume a catalyst for exclusive use of the diesel!

The main characteristic of the JVCS device and the profit.

  • (1) Do not almost produce black smoke particle ,SOX,CO, HC, by the combustion efficiency by the filling of the in excess fresh air by complete scavenging of the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber in the JVCS device and the perfect fresh air exchange by complete filling rate 100% of fresh air from the combustion chamber.
  • (2) As a result, let a reduction rate of a harmful bad smell of exhaust peculiar to a black smoke particle and diesel of the diesel and much exhaust harm ingredients change suddenly!
  • (3) Is amplified the torque and output which is correct, and are strong in proportion to the load factor naturally by the complete load correspondence that always supported the engine load factor!
  • (4) Wonder and a fact and the actual situation of the natural phenomenon that did that it seems that anyone is mysterious for this accurate energy amplification phenomenon are greatest one featuring it in the ,JVCS device!
  • (5) Besides, the explosive power is equalized by filling the fresh air which is equal in each combustion chamber without the in excess combustion air quantity of the air exchange of 100% of fresh air by super-high-speed vacuum minus number pressure power of absorption influencing a shape and the length of the manifold, and do not produce slight vibration from a crankshaft!
  • (6) As a result, experience the sense that blow, and the acceleration characteristics by the rise and the silent nature right tide far over a gasoline engine generally of the engine revolution in a run.
  • (7) The departure from eyewink characteristics of the diesel engine and acceleration-related silent nature that held the vibration in check more the body mark of the driver prevent the fatigue mentally, and contribute by comfortable driving work surely.
  • (8) It is an important factor of relieving fatigue, as a result, to be connected by the vehicles such as the commercial car or truck in the engine which is powerful, and is light being fun in the driving in itself by JVCS device, and is connected in the straight worth that was able to turn fatigue prevention of the driver and further tomorrow. The enforcement of the run examination by the long term by the union of the catalytic DPF and JVCS device for exclusive use of the diesel engine!

The environment of the vehicle in the examination enforcement.

  • (1) As Mitsubishi canter diesel turbo engine 4,900cc owned by us as for the examination car, load capacity 2,000 kg, aluminum van specifications, examination start mileage 2,000km by the run examination to 6,000km, as a result, report it.
  • (2) In the vehicle environment of the driving test, a catalytic DPF device for exclusive use of the diesel and the complete fresh air exchange by complete scavenging and 100% of fresh air filling of the exhaust remaining gas let establish as the union device which connected performed ,JVCS device to the posterior of the exhaust pipe.
  • (3) The jet diameter size of the part where the details of the JVCS device which put on accelerated exhaust gas set φ 45mm, and put it on.
  • (4) In addition, loading is subject to regular 500 kg, and run the divergence of the accelerator by the acceleration at the same level as a car on the condition that did with higher than of the engine's greatest number of revolutions 90% and the consciousness that did at the time of the departure acceleration on passing acceleration on the expressway and the again general road.
  • (5) When the deployment car of the catalytic DPF for exclusive use of this diesel reaches the accumulated constant black smoke particle quantity by the mileage and engine load factor, according to the warning light of destruction by fire work instructions, stop hurriedly, and is duty and specifications car doing it by enforcement of the destruction by fire work by the high temperature with a black smoke particle.

As a result, I report it with the start of the run examination.

  • (1) The vehicle stop with the warning light by the accumulation of the quantity of black smoke particle and the work instructions of the black smoke destruction by fire are stopping without all more, too, and the viewing such as the exhaust black smoke non-enables engine revolution in the racing state to the limit at the time of approximately 3,000km from an examination start at all.
  • (2)Besides, the bad smell of the toxic exhaust gas that SOX peculiar to a diesel engine is considered to be a factor changes in the bad smell of the level like most oil warm air heaters.
  • (3)Besides, the harmful exhaust bad smells of the diesel characteristic change suddenly, and, by JVCS device filling complete scavenging of the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber and complete fresh air with DPF and the union device by JVCS, do the outbreak of the black smoke particle and outbreak of SOX with a state of no pollution from engine itself almost.
  • (4)With the diesel engine of the JVCS deployment, let is near to a state with no, and the generation of the black smoke particle decrease sharply from engine itself by the combustion efficiency by in excess combustion air, and the outbreak of poisonous gases such as ,SOX lets decrease sharply extremely likewise by the combustion efficiency again.
  • (5) By the union of the JVCS device, as a result, besides, is limitless, and, as for the jets of the destruction by fire ash by the destruction by fire work of an accumulated black smoke particle, what delete enables the discharge such as exhaust harm ingredients such as ,CO,HC,SOX,NOX as nil.
  • (6) The number of the mileage of the examination vehicle did the numerical value about nil and the harm exhaust gas such as the accumulations of the diesel black smoke particle in the point in time when arrived at approximately 6,000km like an examination start, and what change did the DPF and the union run examination of JVCS with the end as nil.
  • ○ It was confirmed that it was said that the catalytic DPF for exclusive use of the diesel engine and the catalytic effect by the union of JVCS were the strongest.

The run characteristics with DPF and the union device of JVCS and the explanation.

  • ○The strong acceleration and hill climbing ability and high-speed run characteristics with the JVCS device which took part in diesel catalyst DPF are fun above all!
  • (7)As for the comfortable run of the wonder of the examination vehicle which the JVCS device attached, strong acceleration and hill climbing ability, the calm characteristics of the engine have already exceeded far a gasoline engine as synthesis performance by strong torque and rise speed by the rise speed of the boost pressure to never think with the diesel engine of the engine revolution.
  • (8) Is comfortable without giving the heat damage which gives it to an engine and the peripheral device by exhaust speed speeded up by a super-high-speed vacuum minus number pressure absorption style produced by JVCS device a feeling of heat of the engine for a driver at the time of the intense heat as nil!
  • (9) The nature amplification energy that seem to think strangely that torque and the output that the maximum driving profit of the JVCS device completely supported engine load factor are amplified naturally is a JVCS device's original phenomenon by the fluid energy technology in we research institute.
  • (10)By the natural amplification of torque and the output by the engine load correspondence of the JVCS device, the torque and output are amplified without a limit by the loading weight precisely, besides, naturally so that engine load is big.
  • (11)As a result, there cannot be the thing that the changes of the driving sense in the run are hardly felt even at the time of no loading at the time of in the flatness and the loading at the time of the hill-climbing.
  • (12) The speed and engine number of revolutions to depend in an automatic shifting timing of the AT by the torque and output amplifying it by the accelerating engine load factor getting together at the time of the fully opening of the accelerator at the time of long hill-climbing by this phenomenon naturally are different from the normal.
  • (13) The air exchange phenomenon that this phenomenon limited to the perfect fresh air which did a fresh air filling rate with 100% by complete scavenging rate 100% of exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber in the ,JVCS device of the JVCS device is greatest; feature.
  • (14) It will win all internal combustion engines to enable the perfect fresh air exchange of complete scavenging rate 100% and fresh air filling rate 100% of exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber in the internal combustion engine in a state for the above-mentioned result.
  • (15)However, is established by the mechanical engineering technology that limited to fluid energy science as impossibility for the mechanical engineering from the mechanism in the compression ratio of structure and the combustion gases in the combustion chamber for realization of complete air exchange of scavenging and the fresh air filling of the complete exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber alone.
  • (16)Besides, the production of this wonderful JVCS device or the sales price welcome the imbalance of the price for the great effect for big profit as amazing cheapness.
  • (17) Is semipermanent during the use maintenance period in the durability by adopting a good-quality stainless steel material to be non-corrosive in the material of this JVCS device.
  • (Attention) Only for exhaust gas mixed additives with, it is reported that a stainless steel material suddenly corrodes, but, only for gasoline fuel, please warn enough the responsibility about the corrosion and destruction because is not charged.

Thank you.

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