10. Is the limited recruitment of company in the business of production and the sale of the JVCS device and personal companies.

Production and sale and the export of JVCS in the future and an entry of the import business!

It is production and the offer of the sale business qualification that I limited by each company by global and company.
For a large quantity of data by the car model of the world many and an experiment by the run and the actual situation, several thousand JVCS samples were essential in various size and models to pursue research and development of JVCS and the certain result at our research institute.
I sold the public as far as our research institute thought to be pleased at all with having the general various places experience a result of this splendid JVCS for long-time fluid energy engineering and the continuation of research and development of JVCS to do and permitted the stock share of the sample for the experiments as a product.
It was said that it was natural, and, in us, it reached the end of the public sale that JVCS was out of stock by the end of research and development again in JVCS from the thing that there was not for the purpose of sale as the work that was main for research and development for experiments.
About the production and sale of JVCS in the future, production sale is reopened after the attendance of the important class at the production drawing and wearing and conformity size as an object at the start a person from company and the company by the world that had you raise it by this homepage by the instruction of our research institute.

Is JVCS production, the recruitment of sale hope suppliers!

I limited it from each company of the world and company and, in the future, recruited you here in place of our research institute at the whole of duties of the production of JVCS devices and sale, export and the import, the Japan beginning when the entries about the business were hoped for partly here.
Fill it out by a zipper and a question desired by the item contents in established order, and, about a question or the contents of the hope which related to JVCS, have the time when there is few it after it as possibility by the transmission;; please let reply.
But please it is understanding, and a request tells the personal questions by general people other than a hope company about production and the sale of JVCS because there is not correspondence of the hope by the email.
Thank you.

Benefit from JVCS wearing and environmental improvement!

It is its 1 news and the explanation about the JVCS device

I showed the fact and actual situation by the public examination and research and development result of most that there was as non-exhibition in all information that JVCS depended on to world company and companies so far in here.
JVCS is a device letting all change suddenly with all engines using the fuel of all such as a ship or the large-scale generation engine which assume all internal combustion engines, gasoline engine, diesel engine ,LPG gas engine ,A - fuel oil C fuel immediately extremely.
In fact, I show the actual situation with the result by the wonder of JVCS device letting all diesel engines existing in the world in the the wonderful actual situation "present in all internal combustion engines equipped with this JVCS change completely and the effect to do for the first time here for the world.
By the world's first JVCS device which I choose a particularly clean diesel engine from all internal combustion engines as the deployment with this JVCS device, and made full use of most advanced fluid energy science and fluid mechanical engineering ", the big performance enhancement and no pollution characteristics named watches of the night show all with the fact and actual situation again for the world!
It which lets an ideal engine change suddenly in all in real time as for the engine in any internal combustion engine by the wearing of the JVCS system is a result of the crystals of natural energy science and the advanced fluid mechanical engineering!
The diesel engine of the JVCS wearing achieves ultimate evolution such as showing wonderful running performance, and the bad smells of the exhaust of exhaust pollution gas and the diesel characteristic of the diesel less let you generate a black smoke particle and a bad bad smell since the combustion of the engine!
A press fit fills air quantity perfection scavenging does the exhaust remaining gas in the thrust chamber which still non-enables the combustion engineering of the wonderful internal combustion engine by the most advanced fluid energy engineering on the basis of natural environments science ahead of the world at the present, and to be in excess by an ultraspeed absorption minus number pressure style forcibly in the combustion chamber!
As a result, I completely succeed in deletion from engine itself and, by quantity of a large quantity of air in combustion, realize the generation of a black smoke particle and the pollution ingredient from the combustion efficiency.
It has been recognized in common-sense terms so far that all of the mileage other was inferior to a gasoline car as a bad smell of exhaust gas peculiar to a diesel engine and discharge and the engine noise of the black smoke particle, the running performance which, besides, were inferior to a gasoline car.
However, from reasons such as a heat exchange rate or the mileage by the combustion efficiency, I continue evolving to a diesel engine technically and in late years I am splendid and think for the technical progress that improved engine performance generally such as engine noise of the diesel or the rotary potential.
The black smoke particle is big, and the discharge black smoke particles at the time of exhaust generated by a diesel engine are filtered by the progress such as catalysts for exclusive use of diesel filtering a black smoke particle, and the black smoke particle remains in DPF and I am big and am reduced the atmosphere discharge.
I am big and, from environment by the mileage improvement and long-distance driving, exceed a gasoline car today in the European countries, and a diesel car is mainstream by acceleration and the thermal efficiency from the low speed being predominance than a gasoline engine by outbreak of the low-speed torque by the low-speed torque of the diesel engine.
The wonderful general performance level by this JVCS system wearing is always based on general performance levels of the normal engine, and, in any engine situation, all Lets all of the engines change suddenly immediately surely by ultimate combustion of JVCS.

It is its 2 news and the explanation about the JVCS device

With the general phenomenon to let all change suddenly as for the internal combustion engine in JVCS, scavenging completely does the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber, and high pressure air exchange is enabled in the combustion chamber by the fresh air of 100% by completely enabling press fit filling with the fresh air which is fresh to the scavenging capacity.
It is the forced perfection scavenging & fresh air filling combustion engine which the phenomenon absorbs all in the combustion chamber by a vacuum minus number pressure absorption style power of the superhigh speed forcibly, and does fresh air in a state of the complete filling.
With the ultimate general performance of all by the JVCS wearing, the combustion effect by the perfection filling of the fresh air of 100% by the complete scavenging of thrust chambers produces big torque and I am big, and the general performance exceeds a gasoline engine car and changes improvement of the rise speed of strong acceleration and the turn of the engine, the calm degree of the engine noise, a sharp decrease of the engine vibration, the removal of the bad smell and a change, improvement of the further mileage!
A test run vehicle of this research institute is a turbo diesel engine vehicle of chairs Jeminy of the times for 1,990 years, but naturally the combustion that was completely filled a large quantity of fresh air to the capacity of the combustion chamber by scavenging and complete fresh air filling of the combustion chamber does the acceleration with the strong torque and output by wearing of JVCS, and I am the same as nil, and, as for the exhaust black smoke particle, it is decreased sharply by the generation by an engine.
With all internal combustion engines, the much minus phenomena that primarily all by the lack of the combustion air produces as a negative factor, the solution are what they only limit to one for the diesel engine in particular.
Solution to all is that it reaches the solution with none of to completely fill 100% of air quantity with the fresh air which is in excess in a combustion chamber in a combustion chamber.
However, unfortunately the air exchange mechanism with the complete fresh air in the combustion chamber does not yet reach the arrival for the technical solution for the mechanical engineering in yet internal combustion engines of the world by this complete scavenging and complete filling of 100% of fresh air either.
Nil and the need to do are technically indispensable between a piston head and the chances with the combustion chamber to completely perform scavenging of the exhaust remaining gas in this combustion chamber.
However, nil and the thing doing are non-domains to enable for mechanical engineering absolutely in the gap as far as the operation space of compression ratio in the compression process of combustion gases and the inhalational valve and exhaust valve exists in the gap.
Fresh air is filled instantly in a combustion chamber in the combustion chamber at the time of the exhaust by the minus number pressure and large difference of atmospheric pressure by doing it with a vacuum state strong consistently, and the inside of the exhaust pipe enables perfection air exchange of the fresh air of 100% with the strong super-high-speed vacuum minus number pressure absorption style power that always occurs by JVCS.

It is its 3 news and the explanation about the JVCS device

I am ready to instruct a conformity sample and the wearing method of the wearing car for a world car manufacturer!
We limit it to putting on JVCS device adapting to the latest clean diesel engine and hope for the comprehensive result in the run that I compared with the normal car in the car model and expect it.
Because a world maker hopes, we expect wonderful various results of most by all means by JVCS in a comprehensive result by the run that limited JVCS adapting to the examination vehicle to wearing of JVCS with a sample and a critic high speed driving test.
The maker which it non-enabled nobody in the current diesel engine inside to catch up with the actual situation of this phenomenon, but was decided by wearing of JVCS from this performance in world car manufacturers by the violent change of the internal combustion engine in this JVCS deployment surely of the internal combustion engine that is the highest; is convinced of it being!
We please let JVCS cooperate with the sample of JVCS and the wearing method as for us for the production by the own country and the sales promotion with pleasure from car use number in China in particular, Korea, U.S.A., Germany, each European country, Taiwan, Thailand, the Mexican countries in the foreign country.
I sell a Japanese patent right with production of JVCS as joint ownership, and, in the various places of a manager hoping for a world company, the business that export for further foreign countries enables, the transmission such as questions enables it according to the transmission method by the email, and the language is Japanese with English.
I can realize general performance of all which I attached this JVCS to so that which country begins the leadership as standard of the world internal combustion engine in world car makers or do big expectation in making reduction and super high efficiency super diesel of the exhaust pollution gas in the country standard.

With the wonderful main function in JVCS.

(1) Is limitless, and, about the gasoline engine, the perfect combustion does exhaust poisonous gases with a no pollution level by making it by enabling air exchange with the fresh air in perfection by complete scavenging of the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber and the filling of the perfection fresh air like diesel in the combustion room.
(2) Become an exhaust pollution reduction rate by JVCS and having no bad smell of the exhaust, and, besides, is remarkable, and, by engine load correspondence, improve strong torque by the autogenesis and the acceleration and high speed running performance by the amplification of the output, and equalization of the combustion explosive power does it with establishment because forced introduction air quantity, besides, to be in excess is inhaled equally by each cylinder.
(3), as a result, calm of the engine revolution has a big becoming it, and can confirm the fact and actual situation to improve because the explosive power of each piston to give a crankshaft equalizes it!
(4) Even a diesel engine lets a state of the perfect combustion completely completely establish by filling and the in excess air quantity to do with fresh air in a capacity of the combustion chamber share as exclusion with residual gas of the exhaust gas in the combustion chamber quite likewise with a gasoline engine.
(5)As a result, decrease the generation of a black smoke particle and poisonous gases from engine itself extremely, and make the discharge of the black smoke particle same as nil, and the nil of the exhaust bad smell and the violent change produce a change, strong torque and wonderful acceleration and running performance with the output letting, besides, concern with an NA engine, a turbo engine in the exhaust bad smell like the warm air heater.
With the diesel engine of the JVCS wearing, the acceleration or middle acceleration performance do that even fully opening acceleration area of gasoline cars more than the same displacement volume catches up with the diesel engine car which attached JVCS with difficulty.
Besides, about the silent nature of the engine revolution or no vibration, it is in a state with no slight vibration or noise of an engine occurring at the time of the turn of the crankshaft by equalization of the explosive power in the inhalation of the inhalation air quantity to be in excess in each cylinder.
You see all each menu than this main menu till the last, and please identify the actual situation as the fact in JVCS.

It is company in Japan and the foreign country, a message to all of companies.

The fluid energy science that JVCS proud of to the world depends on originally!

It is this JVCS system and the fact and actual situation alone in the world corresponding to all internal combustion engines!
It is an air exchange system of perfect fresh air by the complete scavenging in the thrust chamber in all internal combustion engines and the complete fresh air filling!
The fresh air exchange of this complete combustion chamber that the JVCS system removes the exhaust remaining gas 100% from the combustion chamber, and performs complete fresh air filling at the same time is established from ultraspeed vacuum minus number pressure air flow and autogenesis of a large quantity of minus number pressure air mass flow to occur by atmospheric pressure and the difference of atmospheric pressure with the vacuum rate.
Do not you hope for the business that is main by us and export as joint ownership for production and sale of JVCS, further foreign countries in a Japanese patent right in JVCS in the various places of a foreign country and the company of the Japanese company?
I change business of JVCS to us and please, in the various places of each world company in hope of development in the world and each company, wait for the communication such as the questions by the email according to the transmission method of the email.
In addition, the language of the email limits it to Japanese and English and asks for transmitting hope or a question by all means.
Thank you.

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