3.The discharge reduction numerical value of the ultimate black smoke particle caused by the combustion of the complete scavenging and fresh air filling of the JVCS deployment diesel engine by the public institution!


The no discharge actual situation that is in a state of wearing work of JVCS with the public bus of Tokyo and the run exhaust black smoke particle.

An analysis examination of the exhaust gas.

The exhaust gas assay public institution was carried out by association of Japan trucking technology Foundation.
The examination vehicle carried out exhaust gas analysis in Isuzu diesel engine JVCS VS NORMAL and a black smoke particle discharge examination.
Please the test result look at exhaust gas and a black smoke particle analysis book.


About the method about the examination for discharge of this black smoke particle, I explain it.
The engine revolution is a method to open lye Setsu by instant fully from idol number of revolutions by laboratory procedure of this black smoke particle discharge.
When it is this method, for the fuel becoming all jets by opening an accelerator fully in an instant, I am in condition I am late for the instant, and to rise to the engine revolution.
As a result, as for the fuel, a jet by the fully opening is carried out instantly, but the engine revolution is late for about 1-2 seconds in the instant and catches up with adapted number of revolutions to fuel injection quantity.
There is little inhalational air and, in the several seconds, is in a condition that a black smoke particle as I am remarkable is exhausted because non-combustion phenomenon occurs by the delay of the inhalational trip by remarkable Ann timing and the state that I did in the combustion chamber.
By the normal driving, it never occurs in the situation of such an accelerator work, but, by examinations for discharge of the black smoke particle, usually performs it by this mode.
However, as for the JVCS system, the deletion effect of the black smoke particle shows a discharge difference by the big black smoke particle reduction under the worst situation that engine revolution does not catch up with enough with NORMAL.