18. A result of the wonder in the combustion by complete scavenging of the exhaust remaining gas of RX-7 which carried JVCS and the complete filling of the fresh air and the actual situation!


A result of the wonder in the combustion by complete scavenging of the exhaust remaining gas of RX-7 which carried JVCS and the complete filling of the fresh air and the actual situation!

(1) The violent change of the RX-7 rotary engine by all scavenging in a thing of JVCS and complete fresh air filling and fresh air exchange of 100% who worked as and the power!
(2) All the members identify the actual situation as the fact by the great effect in the rotary engine by the result that attached JVCS to the RX-7!
(3) Torque in JVCS wearing and the complete scavenging combustion, acceleration of the wonder by the amplification of the output and running performance, detoxification of the exhaust gas and confirmation of the mileage!

Matsushita Electric Industrial, Chinese in TASS Tolly Office pine da sales department at the time of pine da RX-7 and a maker engineer and the person concerned, director, origin of Akio Shimamura.

1. Mazda R & D center Yokohama, Yokohama institute of technology, vice-director, Takeo Ohira .
2. Power train experiment Research Department, chief at laboratory of DE fruit group Makoto Kuniyoshi.
3. Designing department, PT vehicle installation design group, Tetsuo Hiraoka
4. PT design promotion group Osamu Nobuhiro Yamamoto .
5. Intake & exhaust design group Tunao Yajima
6. One our research institute staff test driver et al.

The environment in the run competitive examination of Mazda RX-7.

(1) Attach JVCS of the carry-on vehicle RX-7 latest model car from examination vehicle of the photograph, Mazda Motor Corporation.
(2) Specifications state normal at the time of the examination vehicle 1, Mazda RX-7 latest model vehicle 250HP specifications car, examination.
(3) Is JVCS wearing state at the time of our RX-7 old model vehicle 200HP specifications car, examination the examination vehicle 2.
(4) The test driver of the RX-7 latest model car attaches JVCS to two rides, Mazda old model car RX-7200HP specifications car to correspond to for one other than a journalist, and an examination condition takes the driver two for one other than we think-tanker.
(5) An embarkation condition almost performs two total weight of a driver and the passenger for isobarism quantity.
(6) A test run carries out a test run for the purpose of a synthesis performance test by acceleration and middle acceleration run and the confirmation of the engine heat damage.
(7) Fix it, and is opened fully for both stretches from bottom of the shifting prohibition condition, constant 80km/h in speed by operating conditions, 5 position Gere!
(8) A judging method does it with the end when a vehicle of one did arrival (the limiter operation) to 180km/h.
(9) Temperature of the whole engine which a test result depends on just after an examination, the atmosphere of the power system of the heating temperature or other whole of the turbo.
In the same time when old model RX-7 which attached JVCS to 200HP specifications as a result running performance arrived at 180km/h, as for the 250HP specifications car and the latest car doing it, all the members are surprising for the result that was late with differences more than 700m out of the imagination.
Besides, an engine and the neighboring temperature by overall feeling of heat and the power system are not felt at all.
I win it, and as a result of having evaluated all, I do it for a gasoline engine world's most in the present, and, as for the rotary engine which Mazda boasts of as a synthesis performance evaluation of the internal combustion engine by us a performance evaluation in the world, as for the engine, I of the engineer evaluate a big change in the performance that union of rotary and JVCS depends on by attaching JVCS.
I evaluate the general performance of the rotary engine which carried JVCS of this Mazda as the best internal combustion engine in the present.

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