1.Is explained the function and result of the wonder of the JVCS device and the fact and actual situation by the authentic record video in our research institute.

  1. 1. The actual situation of the precedent supercharge speed and acceleration of the wonder.
  2. 2. The JVCS exhaust gas is comfortable environment of the small bird.
  3. 3. Black smoke extinction and surprising acceleration.
  4. 4. A super-high-speed vacuum minus number pressure style power and complete air exchange.
  5. 5. World first "perfection scavenging and complete fresh air filling combustion.
  6. 6. Complete scavenging and 100% of fresh air filling rates of the diesel.
  7. 7. Run comparison with normal and the JVCS deployment car.
  8. 8. Run ability of a core air-cooling in JVCS and the wonder.
  9. 9. A vacuum minus number pressure absorption style and a turbo turn and boost pressure.
  10. 10. Engine oil cooling temperature by JVCS.
The commentary sentence of the video.

The true thyme subtracts it from the upswing in the second of the Toyota starlet EP71 turbo vehicle in boost pressure and the acceleration numerical value for one second.
The numerical value that this acceleration numerical value subtracted one second from Thai Muro at the time of a sound signal and a measurement button and the stepping forward is real acceleration numerical value.
CO according to the engine revolution with the exhaust gas which attached JVCS to Toyota starlet EP71 turbo, discharge analysis examination numerical value of HC.
The complete scavenging combustion in JVCS attached to Toyota starlet, EP71, turbo car realizes extreme reduction in deadly poison gas CO,HC.
I confirm a fact of the reduction that is completely extreme in CO,HC caused by the scavenging combustion scavenging completely does the combustion room as for the high speed minus number pressure absorption style that JVCS produces, and to fill the air which is new to the capacity of the combustion chamber.
As a result, it is confirmed that as you see the situation by 24 hours of small birds in a thing of the exhaust jet style is cheerful, and there is no hindrance as a good state of the moods.
Besides, the no bad smell with this exhaust gas is a running condition in the engine load, but is mixed exhaust gas of a large quantity of steam if completely unscented.