16. Our test car Toyota EP-71 turbo engine with the super injection, engine resolution confirmation in 18,000km!

The actual situation of the resolution and the inside confirmation result of the Toyota EP71 JVCS turbo engine!

The dirt due to the lesion in the engine reflects it outside by all means.

(1) Dismantled an engine, and, in our test car EP71 JVCS turbo engine mileage 18,000km, showed a fact and the actual situation of the state by the present conditions such as an injury point in the inside or the dirt of the catalyst.
(2), by the resolution of this engine, as for the combustion state being the best, the again biggest boost pressure, an engine cannot watch what obstacle in spite of the high pressure air filling that 2k is close in with the normal turbine either!
(3) Completely remove the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber by the super-high-speed vacuum minus number pressure power of absorption by ,JVCS corresponding to the perfection in engine load, and the exhaust remaining gas of the combustion chamber completely fills new air in the removed capacity share.
(4) The combustion air exchange that remove all the complete scavenging and filling of perfect new combustion air and remaining gas of a complete combustion chamber to do, and fills new air is perfection scavenging combustion by JVCS.
(5) Because complete filling of new combustion air is performed in the capacity share that assumed the complete scavenging in the combustion chamber by JVCS, the inhalation combustion air is increased in quantity by the capacity share in the combustion chamber where the NA engine was completely performed scavenging of like terJin Bowen because air filling is done.
(6), as a result, with the JVCS wearing turbo engine, do it with the result by boost pressure being added to a supercharge air state of the NA engine more, and, with the JVCS wearing turbo engine, burn, and is horn air increase in quantity and two phases and a supercharge phenomenon to do and the reason why it is of the boost pressure.
(7) Is this wonderful combustion phenomenon that such before does not have limits it to the perfection scavenging combustion of the thrust chamber which the world does not yet have, and to be established, and it is not easy at all that nobody exceeds a fact caused by this combustion and the actual situation.
(8) Is essential so that it lets combustion engineering progress more to confirm the result how much the state that dismantle an engine running in this way, and the inside is stained with is.
It is said that both the creature and the machine are identical as a basic theory, and I to reflect outside by all means always learn the lesion of the internal dirt and a dirt doing it from a living body mechanism theory in the state with the living body, and this is the idea for my internal combustion engine.

○In the right, the fuel injection that is most suitable for the rise in super-high-speed boost pressure speed that an initial model, the left injection are the new strongest super injection, and boost pressure arrives at in within by 2k for 0-2 seconds by ,JVCS, besides, in response to ten minutes is possible.
○By company's development (patent) super injection equipped with by test car Toyota EP-71 turbo of the JVCS deployment of our research institute, I enable tuning of complete fuel in response to rise speed of the boost pressure of the EP-71 out of the common sense!

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