14. Is admitted, and a letter of thanks is conferred on a fact and the actual situation of the exhaust pollution deletion as a result of the combustion in complete exclusion of the exhaust remaining gas of JVCS and the filling of the complete fresh air as reduction of the exhaust gas pollution of the Thai land from the Thailand government.

Reduction of the exhaust gas pollution in the Thai land (the Kingdom of Thailand) and contribution by the wearing of JVCS!

JVCS is extreme by the request of the person concerned with Thai land (the Kingdom of Thailand) government in ,CO, HC to assume a deadly poison gas ingredient of the exhaust gas by much wearing in Bangkok; reduced it.
I completely removed the exhaust remaining gas of the combustion chamber in JVCS, and, by a ,JVCS patent technology and the original complete combustion method to completely fill a thrust chamber with fresh combustion air to do, detoxification of the exhaust gas, having no bad smell of the exhaust gas demonstrated making it it.
Besides, in a reduction rate and the fact of the discharge toxic ingredient of the exhaust gas, it jetted exhaust gas with children by the life support of small birds by the detoxification for the proof due to the creature for several hours.
As for children who stared at all, uneasiness was released in the cheerful state of the small bird of all at a stretch and expressed the joy with the face which all the members seemed to really can not believe.
Besides, the perfect combustion increased the output and torque greatly and I had you experience the hill climbing ability and acceleration and light run by many vehicles and demonstrated it.
By the effect of ,JVCS, it was just on the beginning, the vehicle of each minister of the Thailand country by privately-owned car of the Thai king and completed the wearing of the vehicle of all by a hand of my own by welding method wearing by vehicle of all after it.
I became the purification of poisonous gases of the exhaust gas and the having no bad smell, and, besides, in the afterward, it has been told the torque and light easy running performance with the output as serious joy by the person in charge of all vehicles which I put on.
JVCS was a Thai land, and, besides, the real condition of TV was prepared for a newspaper and a radio the several weeks later.
This fact and rumor that I did were reported greatly and had honor and the conferment of the letter of thanks which did it than Secretary Kingdom of Thailand science engineering province, Science and Technology Agency in December 4, 1993 in the day in the birthday of the Thailand king.

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