6.As for the combustion by complete scavenging by JVCS mounted with a large truck and complete fresh air filling, hill climbing ability of the wonder, black smoke deletion and the violent change of the bad smell are mild!

○It is the violent change of the diesel bad smell in watches of the night of the wonderful mileage and black smoke of JVCS which run data talk about with no!

○It is the report that had an experiment of the run mileage in the long distance by owner of the periodical long-distance truck cooperate!

JVCS which I used for a long-distance run experiment is made by old-model aluminum.

The effect of the wonder of industrial use large truck and JVCS.

Great hill climbing ability caused by the complete scavenging combustion of JVCS and nil of most exhaust black smoke, the exhaust smell change suddenly in a state to a warm air heater!
In two carriage of goods large trucks, I attached JVCS to an engine of NISSAN DIESEL which could have a delay at the time of the hill-climbing pointed out every day.
Before the wearing of JVCS, the speed decreased even a full throttle at the time of the long hill-climbing by the full loading of the baggage, and a serious burden produced it to an engine, and the exhaust black smoke particle was in a black state.
Big stress happens for a driver, and, at the time of the driving by the output decline of such an engine, a great brainfag accumulates.
After come across JVCS, and putting it on; by increase in quantity of the torque corresponding to the engine load caused by the complete scavenging combustion by JVCS without any resistance in the expressway if have a long it, run the whole course of a hill-climbing market, and an exhaust black smoke particle is not confirmed almost;, besides, show a big effect for improvement such as the mileage without the strong bad smell of the diesel characteristic being felt during a stop at all again.
The details look at the report by our record.

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