17. JVCS participates in a maker race, and the complete scavenging and fresh air filling realize acceleration and the speed of the wonder, and contribute to the deletion of exhaust poisonous gases more!

The results were high-ranking, and, in the near regulation of the normal car which each Japanese car manufacturer performed, as for chairs Jeminy, I heard at all about a state not to reach it for performance.
Therefore I produced JVCS by special race specifications for this Jeminy racer from a design in those days and, for this having been asked for that I received a cooperation request by JVCS, put it on.
Torque grew big as soon as an engine was good, and the racer driver was surprised at the last hill-climbing that anyway was fast after the wearing of the race; naturally usually do vehicle speed in the uphill slope and is slowed down,; but ,JVCS the; opposite; of the engine load for it, torque increases.
It was with championship, but, not to mention the result of the later race, was surprised at an unscented phenomenon of the exhaust gas with this phenomenon that combustion by the complete scavenging and new air filling of the combustion chamber by this JVCS brought very much more.
Without JVCS, the driver told it that I did not hope for a race anymore.

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