7. The amplification and the black smoke deletion of the torque by the engine load correspondence by the JVCS mechanism are the JVCS's original systems which is essential on a construction heavy industrial machine and a heavy weight transportation vehicle of the vehicle system.

Complete scavenging combustion of construction heavy industrial machine and JVCS!

The power and actual situation of JVCS which I attached to an industrial use movement type, the large-sized construction machine with all internal combustion engines and heavy goods transportation large truck!
I express it and am a thing, but ,JVCS senses a load power of the engine instantly, and the necessary torque that supported in proportion to the engine load factor is always what is amplified naturally.
This original natural phenomenon by ,JVCS thought to be such a wonder is called an engine torque amplification phenomenon for load.
Therefore, consistently big load is essential to an engine and because there is it, ,JVCS is most suitable above all and does it with indispensability when it is a bulldozer in particular or a shovel loader and the construction heavy industrial machine that the big load depends on an engine consistently.
As for the first characteristic of JVCS, minus number pressure absorption removes all the exhaust remaining gas in the combustion chamber and is the combustion method by complete scavenging and the perfection filling of the new mind.
The second characteristic of JVCS is the phenomenon that necessary torque amplifies in proportion to accuracy in engine load factor naturally by taking engine load.
It becomes the operating conditions that it is most suitable for a construction heavy industrial machine and a large-sized forklift, heavy goods transportation truck, and are necessary from this characteristic of JVCS.
Besides, it is big profit that the exhaust bad smell of the diesel characteristic caused by the incomplete combustion changes suddenly in a bad smell of the degree that is equal to an oil heater by JVCS wearing from lack of combustion air as for the complete scavenging of JVCS and the combustion with in excess combustion air by the complete new mind.

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