8. Acceleration by the strong torque by original JVCS which put on a fishing boat and the violent change relaxation of nil of the black smoke and the diesel bad smell!

The contribution degree of the JVCS wearing in the sea is big!

This fishing boat is a ship of 5 tons to be registered at the Gulf of Mito.
As for the ship engine, as for the fuel, the discharge of the exhaust black smoke particle becomes the large quantities unlike a large truck by assuming it heavy oil.
The exhaust black smoke pollution to give to the human body from the healthy top to stop at during the operation by the discharge of this black smoke particle is dangerous at all and does it with a big problem.
By a request of JVCS, it carries JVCS for original large-sized fishing boats and, for a large quantity of black smoke particles and a purpose to abolish the strong exhaust bad smell above all, operates a fruit by wearing of JVCS and does the acceleration that I am amazed to learn of the fishing boat and the discharge of the black smoke particle with a nil state.
By this complete scavenging combustion that JVCS gave, I deleted acceleration and the reinforcement of the output, the discharge of the exhaust black smoke particle, and the bad smell changed suddenly in a warm air bad smell of the oil at the same level as a heater above all.
The output, a nil state of the discharge of the black smoke particle in this way achieved all purposes as a state if there was no bad smell to give it to the human body who got together during the operation.

With the radical operating conditions by the working sudden acceleration or sudden stop in this waste collection vehicle, a heavy exhaust black smoke particle and a harmful ingredient of the exhaust gas are exhausted by the incomplete combustion by the driving by an engine.
I do wearing of JVCS with indispensableness to prevent bad bad smells of diesel special exhaust gas to assume adverse effects in the health if unpleasant for the worker and people of the neighborhood by the exhaust gas.
As a result of I limit it and put it on, and having examined several about the collection of garbage car according to a prefecture, as for most of the black smoke, discharge is not done at the time of the continuous repetition driving at the time of the work such as departure from eyewink characteristics or the stop at the time of the deletion of a bad smell working from workers particularly the departure either.
Because they attached ,JVCS from the workers of the collection of dusts car, work was comfortable, and all the members had the same opinion.
About the collection of dusts car, I carried out the wearing examination that I limited to Tokyo, several in Toyama, but, by downsizing or the lightweighting of JVCS device developed in the afterward, I want to promote wearing of JVCS to a collection of world dusts car from the issue of further environmental hygiene and think.

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