11. Complete scavenging by JVCS and the complete fresh air combustion are relieved with black smoke deletion and the violent change of torque, the bad smell by the old-model trailer bus by the Chinese government office!

Wearing of JVCS with the Chinese large ream government bus terminal work maintenance factory!

I brought in JVCS system from Japan and, in response to the request of the Chinese government office, started the wearing work for the purpose of the reduction of the exhaust black smoke particle of the government trailer bus of the old-model diesel engine.
Each public person of the Chinese side watched wearing and completed wearing with the style that did JVCS two in parallel in the wearing spot while helping with wearing.
After the wearing of JVCS, I performed it as work I absorbed the accumulation of a large quantity of black smoke particles by the racing of the engine as usual, and to exhaust.
By an instant, the a large quantity of black smoke particles absorbed it forcibly, and it was exhausted by a super-high-speed absorption style by JVCS.
At that time, as for the staff of public person and us who waited behind a bus, I was amazed at all to learn for people who watched the terrible scene in exhaust speed of strong black smoke blown off with black smoke in an instant for the first time.
In our staff who always got used in the a large quantity of black smoke particles which did it if the daytime backward scenery was in a dark state instantly were super-high-speed, and the exhaust black smoke particle having caused high-pressure whirlwind, I was amazed at all to learn for this scene some other time.
Even if the black smoke particle accumulates more even if the black smoke particle which accumulated to the exhaust pipe races an engine no matter how much if there is not wearing of JVCS, naturally it is impossible to let you exhaust it.
I was surprised in the fact of the forced discharge by the minus number pressure absorption style by the ultraspeed of JVCS which swept away the black smoke particle in the exhaust pipe at that time many times some other time.
I will confirm that it becomes the test ride of the trailer bus in afterward when wearing of JVCS was finished safely, and black smoke by じの acceleration and the load does not occur during the run together.
As a result, besides, from the rear of the bus, all the members of a driver and the staff of the bus confirmed that I ran a trailer bus in careless lightness by the amplification of the torque caused by the complete scavenging combustion of the JVCS from margin of the output torque without a shadow of the black smoke discharge.
A test ride was over, and I confirmed the bad smell of the exhaust gas, and, after the stop of the bus, the bad smell changed suddenly in the bad smell that was equal to an oil heater to be usual.
In fact, it was wonder in there being no great difference between even the engine of this old-model government bus and a current diesel engine by power of JVCS.

The JVCS wearing test result in the old-model car (non-catalytic specifications) of taxi VW in Chinese Dalian!

I had you fit JVCS for a purpose by an examination by run in the exhaust gas in the taxi of the last year-style VW Santana car model, the difference of the change by the increase of the output easily.
I please gave the general test in a change during the driving during the run by the wearing of JVCS by the taxi driver who got together during the run.
As a result, I heard the bodily sensation while driving and other general impressions from a taxi driver.
At first the body different in the output from the same accelerator work was light so far, and a bad smell of the exhaust gas to feel changed suddenly and felt a bad smell almost and had an impression such as there not being it as the impression.
Many other examinations were not made do not have time room on that day from the relations from a schedule again.

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