9. Is reduced the complete scavenging and ultimate mileage caused by the complete fresh air combustion in LPG taxi by a long-term driving test by JVCS of the deployment!

Long-term crossed doing it with a fact of the reduction of improvement of the output and the relaxation of the bad smell, the further mileage,

and the purpose that attached JVCS by a major taxi examined run.
As a result, there was the further mileage improvement as impossibility because the fuel of the LPG gas was made gas.
However, I had long-term data from a company official in an opinion by each driver and a report of the actual situation in being surprised.
A gasoline comfortable run at the same level as a car enables the LPG engine and acceleration improves from the output, improvement of the torque greatly and driving becomes comfortable and hears it when the stress decreased.
The details about the wearing of other JVCS refer to a long-term data vote by the company official.

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