20. It is shown the history of the patent acquisition by Japan which I limited to JVCS and the foreign country.

A part of the Japan patent acquisition about fluid energy technology of the JVCS device.

○About the foreign patent that I limited to JVCS, I am detailed with an identification of patent acquisition by the fluid energy technology of the JVCS device in U.S.A., China, Korea, each European country, Taiwan, a Thai land, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil or other countries. Patent income is the Letters Patent which I did by the re-application of the patent technology that the identification of plural patent acquisition by the country is out of the range by the thing beyond the application range of the patent technology.
○ A language of the detailed explanation with the identification of patent acquisition is the language that Korean, Argentina assume Spanish, all other countries English in Portuguese, Korea in Chinese, Brazil in English, China in U.S.A.
○ The fluid energy technology about the latest JVCS device to the present is not included in here.

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